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Biorhythmic Living is the practice of aligning your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule and routines to the cycles of your body and the rhythms of the planet.

Resting Outdoors

We can move from... overwhelmed to organized

                                        disassociated to embodied

                                        isolated to interconnected...

through modalities and tools explored in this cohort and one-on-one guidance, over the course of three months

Across three complete moon cycles we will learn, apply, then integrate biorhythmic practices in order to cultivate a deeper connection to our unique, natural state of being, all while living fully in this world and tending to the demands and details of our daily life. 


- Nick Mulvey



The body is a satellite

What might you be feeling today? Do you defer to the moon or astrology? 

We propose that there are many other subtle forces on this planet that are influencing us in a similar way, in different parts of our psyche, in different aspects of our Selves. Can you imagine how a bird migration might sway your mood or bring about a flutter of thoughts as much as the light of the moon?

We will practice attuning to...

  • local bird migration

  • seasonal insect song

  • ocean tides or water body cycles

  • shifts in the sap exchange of trees and plants

  • sensing the four directions

  • and more of what you bring to the cohort from your bioregion. 

There are many animals and plants in different cultures, in different spiritual traditions, that have symbolic meaning, but if we attune to the creatures and cycles that surround our homes, our bioregions, how might we be able to become more attuned to place as much as the winks from the natural world that remind us of what should be prioritized in our lives, right here, right now?

Equally we will apply practices to improve our interoceptive awareness such as...

  • body scan meditations

  • breathwork

  • sensing and consciously responding to hunger, thirst, and bodily needs

  • attuning to hormonal fluctuations

  • dosing the body with our internal pharmacy of feel-good chemicals

  • somatic-based emotional regulation techniques

We know that poor or disrupted sensory awareness (interoception) contributes to difficulty with regulating emotions, and our goal is to thus improve our ability to sense our internal experience in order to create a more balanced, coherent sense of self and our external environment. 

Spider Web


Meditating on Bed


You'll create a foundational understanding of your unique biological body and then develop practices to support your physical wellness, which, in turn, supports your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. You'll begin to hear and honor the language of the body by improving your interoception, or your ability to sense the subtle shifts happening inside of yourself.

Spring Blossom


You will practice observing and recording the timing of the natural world around you. You'll note the patterns of daylight, weather, and wind, and tune into the timing of wildflowers blooming and lyrics of local birdsong. You'll use these moments of observation as an intentional mindfulness practice and find your place in the natural world. You'll become part of your local ecosystem.



You will learn about the body's cycles that occur daily, monthly, and seasonally in order to align your lifestyle to the rhythms of rest, repair, learning and growth. With this knowledge we'll synchronize your unique schedule to be in harmony with these rhythms so that you can live in embodied alignment while fully participating in the obligations of daily life. 



You will explore the layers of the Self and archetypes of the natural world through yoga nidra, a guided meditation practice that works on the subconscious mind by lowering brain wave frequency and creating a state of deep relaxation in the body. A library of recordings in addition to guidance on the practice will be provided throughout the cohort.

Artist with Paintbrushes


You will use the tool of art therapy to explore and process your insights that arise throughout the cohort experience. This practice is an opportunity for creative expression, which is known to foster healing and mental wellbeing. You will be guided to use materials found in the natural world to create meaningful pieces that best serve you.

There are rhythms and cycles that flow within us and without us. the more that we tune into their inextricable nature, the more coherence we can create between ourselves and our surroundings.






Online video and audio lessons and practices:

  • Log-on into the course to progress through lessons week by week

  • Follow videos to explore each concept and practice

  • "Learn-apply-integrate" components for each lesson

  • weekly journal prompts and food for thought

  • Podcast, article, and book suggestions to explore further

Full moon LIVE cohort calls (3 TOTAL):

  • Group earth connection + embodiment meditation

  • Exploration of a biorhythmic living key concept

  • Circle work: deep listening and sharing

  • Co-regulation exercises

  • Cross-pollination of ideas

  • A safe space to be heard and held

Live guest teacher classes + practice library:

  • Pre-recorded yoga class library

  • guided yoga nidra meditation library

  • guided forest bathing meditations

  • guest teacher live classes once a month near the new mooN

    • qigong​

    • breathwork

    • eco-poetry


A personal 1:1 feedback during cohort calls:

  • personal schedule evaluation and suggestions

  • guidance for your yoga nidra practice

  • biorhythmic practices for your specific bioregion and ecosystem

  • cross-disciplinary wellbeing coaching 

  • exploration of your unique application of biorhythmic living

  • and more!

Phenology journal template:

  • structured fill-in template

  • observation practices

  • astronomical calendar

  • space for personal reflection + insights 

Biorhythmic living schedule template:

  • structured fill-in template (editable or printable)

  • daily and weekly schedule outline

  • cycle syncing suggestions

  • seasonal influences + themes to explore

  • suggested time categories such as personal, work, movement, mindfulness, rest, play, learning, and more


  • Seeding Intentions (Full Moon)JANUARY 27th

  • Nurturing Insights (Full Moon): FEBRUARY 24th

  • Harvesting Wisdom (Full Moon): MARCH 23rd

you want to learn the language of your body, how to interpret the body's requests, and respond with effective actions and tools

you feel connected to the more-than-human world and want to explore how to interact as a reciprocal member of your ecosystem

you have a desire to bring light to your subconscious thought patterns and replace limiting beliefs and habits with conscious and liberating awareness

you want to explore modalities that will allow you to have a constant go-to when you find yourself seeking soothing or connection

you want to live your life in alignment with the patterns and themes of the seasons, earth's cycles, and celestial bodies

you want to use your highly attuned senses as a gift and tool instead of experiencing the overwhelm that can come with over-stimulation

"I am so excited for Allie to offer this journey to us all! I have felt this pull to connect more to myself, my body, and these shared rhythms and cycles for some time now. I'm so grateful to finally have space to do it and to be guided by someone with such a calm, grounding presesnce, a wealth of knowledge of the natural world, and wisdom acquired from her journey is completely divine. I can't wait to dive in."
- Carly, South Carolina u.s.a.

"I am so excited for the program because of the deep desire to tune into the rhythm with the earth, the moon... as humans we have such a deep connection to rhythm and yet are so disconnected from them. I am so excited to experience and embody these rhythms that will turn into something so natural and innate."
- Katie, Georgia u.s.a.

"The calendar to go along with this moon cycle and body cycle that you showed me influenced a lot of my decisions and made me more aware of my body in the world and the environment around me."
- Juliette, California u.s.a.

"I would like to be a part of something that helps me feel like I'm more connected with my body, and that my my mind and body are more connected with the earth, especially moving into winter." 
- Ellen, Massachusetts u.s.a.


The 2024 cohort of the Biorhythmic Living Training is our bridge from winter to spring, our journey from  dark to light through the winter season, that teaches participants a skillful way to navigate the practice of going inward and down to the roots and drawing up rich experience and learning. The training is both a highly valuable toolkit and a dynamic experience...

Monthly self-paced work valued at $655

Group cohort calls (3) valued at $150

Practice libraries valued at $300..

Guest teacher classes valued at $200..

Phenology journal template valued at $35..

Biorhythmic living schedule template valued at $80..

for a total value of $1420


The training is offered at a fraction of the value because we want a wide range of people to be able to experience the gift of a regulated and attuned nervous system and how it feels to live, think, work, and act from a place of profound peace and belonging.

VALUE: $1420

COST: $425



Allie Mason is a lifelong student of the Earth, having formed an intimate relationship with the natural world in her childhood which continues to deepen today. Her experiences as an ecological landscape designer, community herbalist, and permaculture educator have attuned her to the vegetal world and ways that plants can be some of our greatest teachers and healers. Her experience as a hatha yoga teacher and yoga nidra guide have unlocked ideas and modalities as to how we can tune into the subtle messages of our bodies and minds, in order to live in a greater state of coherence and experience liberation both physically and mentally. Allie's neurodivergence that lends to her abilities to sense subtleties, empathize deeply with all living beings, and deeply process information and clearly communicate and guide is the fertile ground for the creation of the Biorhythmic Living Training. Living in synchronization with her own body's  biorhythms and drawing on inspiration from Earth's cycles and seasons has given her the greatest opportunity to heal, grow, and now share the tools and modalities that can anchor us in that which is always true, flow gracefully with change, and expand us as catalysts for global earth-consciousness as we connect deeply to ourselves and the greater web of life.

Man walking in Nature

Early Enrollment CLOSES December 28th

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