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Revival Rituals Smoking Teas

Herbs | Breath | Fire

Humans have ritually smoked herbs for thousands of years. Smoke is one of many ways to take herbs into our bodies, minds, and spirit - to forge a connection deeper than the sensation or cure they provide - and with the colonization and capitalization on plants such as tobacco, smoking as an act of ritual has faded out of practice for many cultures. Ignite your connection to a variety of herbs with one of Revival Remedies Smoking Tea blends, and rekindle the lost art of sacred smoking. 

Revival Rituals Smoking Teas

Herbs | Water | Fire

Tea as a practice opens the door to a realm of mindfulness, simplicity, and contentment through the rituals of preparation and consumption. All Smoking Teas can be enjoyed as a beverage, steeped and sipped rather than ignited and inhaled, for similar sensations as intended per the specific blend. Tea meditation can be enjoyed at any time of day, alone or in community, indoors or outdoors, as a way of connecting to the present moment.  



The rituals of smoke and tea, such grounding and connective acts, are not that of what they have become in modern day: Coping substances for our rigid and fast-paced lives. No, they are far more sacred and savory experiences, those that have the power to transform our minds and open our hearts to the tender and powerful workings of these plants, our planet, and something far more than our minds can begin to conceive.

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Featuring BLUE LOTUS and WILD DAGGA to lift your spirits and mind, PEPPERMINT that brings a coolness to the breath, and supportive herbs of CATNIP and DAMIANA that will relax you into a calm and euphoric state.



Featuring CALEA ZACATECHICI and MUGWORT to enhance dream recall and bring a vivid experience to dreams, LAVENDER for a calming and floral flavor, and supportive herbs of MOTHERWORT, DAMIANA, and PASSIONFLOWER to soothe the nervous system and produce a relaxed state before drifting off to sleep.



Featuring SKULLCAP and HOPS to lull you into a quiet presence, supportive herbs DAMIANA and CATNIP to bring a wave of comfort in your mind and body, MULLEIN to smooth and balance the blend, and CHAMOMILE to add a hint of honey flavor.




Honoring the four directions: UVA URSI (North) also known by the Algonquin as kinnikinnick is a stimulating herb that provides a strong and earthy flavor; RED RASPBERRY LEAF (East) can neutralize the toxicity of nicotine content in tobacco and has a smooth and gentle smoke; YERBA SANTA (West) has a natural affinity for the lungs, known for clearing the lungs and lends both sweet and bitter flavors; SAGE (South) is often used in cleansing and purification rituals and has a strong and earthy aroma.


Featuring ROSE and CALENDULA, which add warming colors and sweet floral notes, DAMIANA that when paired with ROSE enhances its aphrodisiacal qualities, MULLEIN and UVA URSI for a smooth and light smoke, and ANISE HYSSOP for a sultry garden flavor.




Coyote's Cure is intended to soothe the howling craving for tobacco, incorporating LOBELIA that is known to lessen the desire for tobacco, and paired with YERBA SANTA and COLTSFOOT can assist in clearing the lungs. MULLEIN and DAMIANA smooth out the bitter astringency of these other herbs with their gentle and lightweight nature, and SKULLCAP soothes the nervous system as an alternative for those who seek tobacco as a calming remedy.



Your body

Your mind

Your Routines

Your dreams

your waking life

your love making

your socializing

your work

your nourishment

your human experience

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