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WHEN: Tuesdays 6:30pm

WHERE: Coastal Climbing (Register HERE

WHO: All levels of experience

WHY: This class is intended to help you pause, tune in, recalibrate, and reflect.

WHAT: We begin with a short, silent or guided meditation, followed by pranayama (breathwork), a posture sequence that focuses on alignment, balance, and strength, then rest in savasana. Gym membership is NOT REQUIRED to attend classes held here.

You can register for the live class and be sent the recording that is viewable for one week. 

Class audio recordings are available on the free "podclass" found on Spotify, Anchor, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Google.

Check out the podcast, Revival Rituals, on our RECORDINGS page, where you'll find practices (classes) and integrations (information and interviews) of hatha yoga, yoga nidra, wellness, and deep ecology.

Nidra Nest 3.heic

individual yoga nidra guided experiences &

yoga nidra series

Each yoga nidra is lovingly crafted to journey through the koshas, the sheaths, of the physical body, the energy body, the mental-emotional body, the wisdom body, and the bliss body. In the practice of yoga nidra, you create a sankalpa. A sankalpa is an "I am..." statement that is an affirmative belief, used to counter a limiting belief that exists in the conscious or subconscious mind. It is a liberating belief that we are programming/remembering back into ourselves. You can use this to reduce or eliminate a fear, heal physical or emotional trauma, or reprogram a conscious or subconscious limiting belief about yourself. As your guide, my voice journeys with you to safely and gently explore each layer of your Self, then brings you back to your awakened state where you can integrate your practice and new understanding through seated meditation, journaling, or movement. See below for a list of individual practices or themed journeys.


Shooting Star


The intention of this journey is to align with the energy and the archetype of the star from the tarot's major arcana. Whether you are calling forth a more clear sense of purpose, seeking a guiding light, or clarifying an intention, turning towards the star is turning towards yourself, and it is the star’s light that guides you in the process of finding your way along the path to who you are - as is the intention of the practice of Yoga Nidra.

17 Star - 300dpi - FOR WEB.jpg


The Star XVII, has been comissioned specifically for this guided yoga nidra journey by local Charleston, SC artist, Jenny Brant. 

If sharing her art, please give credit to Jenny and Revival Rituals. All other cards are available for purchase with their corresponding yoga nidra journeys.

Notebook and Pen


What are your sources of hope and inspiration? This could be specific to this chapter of your life, or it could span across your lifetime thus far.

Do you feel as though you have a life calling, a dharma, or a divine purpose? If yes, what is your current understanding or interpretation of your calling? If not, where do you currently feel called to act, serve, or do work in the world?

What brings you back to a place of calmness after the passing of a storm?

Yoga Nidra: Journey Through The Tarot, Major Arcana, will be released in full SPRING 2024. 

Individual Recordings, paired with a downloadable print of the card (commissioned and crafted specifically for this deep exploration), and reflective journal prompts will be released monthly until the full major arcana is available spring of 2024. 


As a thank-you for your support in the creation and publication of this project that is intended for introspection, self-discovery, and healing, all individual recordings are priced as "pre-release" for $7 each.

Recordings, cards, and prompts will be available for purchase on this page as they are published. Thank you. Welcome to the practice of Yoga Nidra.

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